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Why reverse flow smokers could be right for you

Have you ever heard of a reverse flow smoker or wondered what it is?

Many swear that reverse flow smokers are the best alternative to regular smokers because of their improved heat distribution and heat stability. They’re a great tool to create incredibly delicious smoked meat. But we’ll let you choose for yourself which is best by looking at what a reverse flow smoker is and how it works.

What is a reverse flow smoker?

A reverse flow smoker is a type of offset smoker that uses an additional metal plate. This protects the meat from intense heat while directing the smoke under and then back over the meat before venting through the chimney.

How do reverse flow smokers work ?

Burning Brisket shows us below that with an ordinary offset smoker, the smoke and heat generated in the firebox will go into and through the cooking chamber, cooking the meat and coming out of the chimney on the opposite side.

However, in a reverse flow smoker, heat and smoke from the firebox enters the cooking chamber under a steel plate. It is then forced to go through the lower section of the cooking chamber, then rises and reverses its flow as it passes over the meat to exit through the chimney, located near the combustion chamber.

How do reverse flow smokers work?

In addition to redirecting the smoke flow, the steel plate will:

  • Prevent direct and excessive heat from overcooking the meat located near the firebox
  • Create a more uniform cooking temperature by acting as a heat sink
  • Makes cleaning a lot easier

What are the advantages of Reverse Flow ?

  • More uniform distribution of smoke to deeply penetrate the smoke flavour in the meat
  • A more even heat distribution throughout the BBQ so you don’t have to flip your meat while cooking.
  • Less temperature spikes after adding more firewood
  • Quick return to cooking temperature after opening the cooking chamber’s door.
  • Improved flavour and moisture as the grease comes from the meat, flows over the heat deflector, vaporizes and gives the BBQ a good taste.

What is a Hamrforge?

A Hamrforge smoker is a wonderful conglomerate of iron, American-made steel, smoke and materialized dreams of cooking the perfect meat.

For nearly 30 years Hamrforge has been passionate about smoke BBQ, steel fabrication and metal stamping. The were first introduced to great BBQ on Belle Isle, a small island that separates Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario. It’s there where they learned the craft of making great smoke BBQ.

The owner of Hamrforge Inc. has eaten BBQ in nearly every state and province across North America. He knows great BBQ and learned the craft and trade of steel fabrication and metal stamping in various tool and die shops in the heart of Canada’s automobile industry.

Over the years they tried nearly every type of smoker on the market: offset, pellet, egg, vertical, horizontal. “You name it, we’ve tried it,” said the guys. “And almost all of them had a very short life cycle and most ended up at the scrap yard.”


Authentic smoking by authentic guys


“Through our trials and tribulations we gained invaluable insight into everything we didn’t want in a smoke. We gathered all of those years of experience and eliminated all the things we didn’t want, combined with all the features we did want. The result was the Hamrforge Beast. Temperature stability, easy functionality, tough, rugged, made to run in sub-zero temps, minimal wood consumption and a look that creates a conversation piece with quality that will last a lifetime. The Hamrforge Beast will outlast and out-cook anything out there, period.”

The Hamrforge guys say their smokers are “Built for life plus a 100 years.”

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