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Understanding Smoke: the basics

There is no fire without smoke, and there is no good BBQ without it either. Smoke is what brings people…

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The most efficient Poor Man’s Burnt Ends recipe

When I made my first brisket, I was excited that my girlfriend would be able to taste the final result….

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Why we need to include our kids in BBQ

What makes us difficult? Why don’t we like certain dishes? Why are we afraid to eat certain recipes? Is it…

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The complete Kamado BBQ guide 2020

  The kamados (or kamado smoker) is a charcoal BBQs made of Japanese-style ceramic. This process has roots in the…

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Hunsaker drum smokers: So simple yet so complex

I’m now crazy about Hunsaker drum smokers. It only takes a little stroll on site of the American Royal World…

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Hamrforge: Doing things the heavy duty way

“The difference between pellets and real wood is huge for the flavor,” Shawn Bevins of Hamrforge said.    The creator…

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Sunterra outdoor smokers will change your view of BBQing

For those of us with a huge bbq obsession, there exists an elite tier of heavy duty outdoor smokers, like…

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Upgrade your smoking game with Yoder smokers

They call Yoder smokers the most versatile smokers on the market. And while we love all the smoker brands we…

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Competition mode: Wally BBQ at the World Food Championship

Our guy Wally BBQ recently returned from a trip to Dallas, Texas to compete in the World Food Championship, an…

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Get your cold smoking on with Kamado Joe barbecues

Did you know that a perfect cold smoke can be attained with a Kamado-style grill? If you’re into cold smoking…

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