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Camp Chef Woodwind Wifi 24″ Pellet Grill


If you like absolute control over a pristine, smoking machine, then the Camp Chef Woodwind Wifi 24 Pellet Grill is for you. Equipped with the new PID and WIFI enabled controller, you’ll be able to change the temperature, set timers, and receive notifications when your meat reaches your set temperature—all from the palm of your hand.

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    If you’re all about making delicious food and smoking is your art then the Woodwind Wifi will be your new way to express your passion. Equipped with the new PID and WIFI enabled controller, you’ll be able to control the temperature (160º F – 500ºF), set multiple timers and even receive notifications when your meat reaches your desired temperature—all of these features can be reached from the tip of your finger. Your smoking game will be flawless and the taste will have a delicious outcome by adjusting your grill’s Smoke Number on the Camp Chef Connect App. Once you’re done with smoking, cleaning-up will never be this pleasant with our patented Ash Kickin’ Cleanout.


    PID controller for an unfluctuating temperature

    • Full Colorfull screen controler
    • COmpatible with your Camp Chef Connect App
    • Four stainless steel meat probes
    • Smart Smoke Technolgy, multiple smoke settings from 1 to 10



    • Pellet Hopper Cleanout/Purge
    • Slide and Grill Technology’s direct flame grilling reaches 650ºF
    • Bottom utility shelf
    • Cord Management System
    • Stainless steel firebox
    • Heavy duty 50mm legs
    • Protective controller cover



    • Lower Rack Area: 19.5 in. x 22 in.
    • Upper Rack Area: 382 sq. in.
    • Total Rack Surface Area: 800 Sq. in.
    • Side Shelf Dimension: 16 in. x 12 in.
    • Chamber Capacity: 4350 cu. in.
    • Hopper Capacity: 22 lbs. of pellets
    • Overall Height: 42 in.
    • Overall Weight: 150 lbs
    • Warranty: 3 years

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