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Value-Size Kansas City Style House of Bbq Experts Spice Mix and Rub


The ideal blend of spices for low and slow cooking! Its taste goes wonderfully with any food cooked on the BBQ!

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    Ecological and economical, this Kansas City style House of BBQ Experts spice mix and rub value-size bag is a great way to enhance the taste of large cuts of meat. Originally designed with pork and chicken in mind, this spice mix is also excellent on salmon and seafood. Its special blend of cane sugar, garlic, onion, sea salt, and lemon zest gives it a sweet and salty taste that will satisfy BBQ fans of all taste pallets. Especially perfect with ribs and pulled pork, this spice mix and rub is to be integrated into all of your recipes on the BBQ if you want to wow the gallery! It is also worth noting that this bag is resealable, which means that the spices will keep their freshness for a long period of time.

    The ultimate rub: mix our House of BBQ Experts’ Kansas City style, Tex-Max style, and Argentina style spice mixes and rubs together for a surreal blend!

    Gluten-free, not certified.

    Ingredients: Kosher salt, Organic sugar, Onion, Lemon peel, Celery salt (Salt, Celery seeds, Sunflower oil, Silicon dioxide), Paprika, Garlic, Sweet red pepper, Sunflower oil, Cayenne pepper, Spice extract (another name for paprika oleoresins).

    Tastes: Sweet, Slightly Spicy.


    House of BBQ Experts