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House of BBQ Experts’ Regattas BBQ Party Dry Marinade


To enjoy the best pork in the world. Brings you on an incredible ride, every time.

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    To make REAL grilled pork dishes, like the ones you would find at a regatta BBQ party, this dry marinade is what you need!

    Designed for grilling lard, it beautifully enhances the taste of pork chops, pork bellies, bacon strips, ribs, and, even, chicken with its sweet and salty taste with a spicy hint.

    Sprinkle some of it on your meats and feel a jet of incredible flavors sail through your taste buds, as if it came from a racing regatta. Both familiar and exotic at the same time, the taste of this dry marinade will take it straight to the top of the podium!

    Ideal with pork.

    Ingredients: Barbecue spice (spices, brown sugar, salt, onion, hickory smoke flavour, sunflower oil, silicon dioxide) • Brown sugar • Salt • Paprika • Cumin • Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins • Chili powder • Thyme • Garlic • Black pepper • Cinnamon • Cayenne pepper • Paprika oleoresin • Citric acid.

    Contains: Soy • Sulphites • Mustard.

    May contain: Gluten • Milk • Wheat.


    House of BBQ Experts