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House of BBQ Experts’ Black Tiger BBQ Dry Marinade


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    An out-of-this-world dry marinade It’ll make you roar of pleasure!

    Give your cuts of meat phenomenal caramelized barks by rubbing them with the Black Tiger dry marinade before cooking them. Designed for beef, this versatile sweet, salty, and peppery dry marinade with a hint of spiciness also pairs perfectly with all kinds of meats.

    Made with several spices, this dry marinade stands out by its black color and its ability to coat foods with a beautiful dark bark. With it, you can even give them stripes by doing the tiger method! It’s simple, you just have to use it alternately with an orange dry marinade and POOF! A feline will appear on your plate!

    With its taste of pepper, paprika, sugar, and salt, the Black Tiger dry marinade will undoubtedly excite the animal in you. RAWR!

    Ideal with beef.


    Ingredients: Organic sugar • Salt • Chipotle • Paprika • Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (soy) • Garlic • Onion • Black pepper • Charcoal color E153.

    Contains: Soy

    May contain: Sulphites • Wheat • Gluten • Milk • Mustard


    House of BBQ Experts