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Butcher BBQ’s Sweeter than sweet ham and bacon cure mix


To enhance the taste of meats, there is nothing better! Made with, among other things, brown sugar and maple sugar, this mix leaves a delicious sweet taste in the mouth!

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    Butcher BBQ’s cured ham and bacon mix is what Butcher BBQ used for years in their meat factory to make their hickory smoked bacon and hams. Sweet, this mix goes just as well with other pieces of meat: dried pork chops and turkey drumsticks for example.

    How to use: Pour 1.75 lb of the curing mixture in 1 gallon of water. Mix and inject into the entire piece of meat. Let the meat rest in the refrigerator for the necessary amount of time.

    Ingredients: salt, cane sugar, brown sugar, maple sugar (made from 100% maple syrup), sodium nitrite (0.84%), and less than 2% glycerin has been added to prevent caking.