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New Delhi Spice Mix and Rub


The House of BBQ Experts New Delhi spice blend, with its exotic flavors of Cumin, Turmeric and Garam Masala, will send your taste buds on a trip, just like a genie on its magic carpet!

Its unique taste reminds us of the delicious aromas we love so much when savouring indian style cuisine.

Rub your porc, chicken, fish or even veggies in this tasty dry marinade to travel with each bite.

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    Ingredients: Salt • Organic sugar • Smoked paprika • Black pepper • Onion • Garlic • Chili powder (spices, dried vegetables, salt, caramel color (sulphites), sunflower oil, silicon dioxide) • Coriander seeds • Ginger • Turmeric • Garam masala (spices) • Cardamom • Curry powder (spices including mustard).

    Contains: Sulphites • Mustard

    May contain: Soy •  Wheat • Gluten • Milk


    House of BBQ Experts