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House of BBQ Experts Nashville Sauce


A real party for your taste buds! The perfect pairing with pulled meat!

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    With its vinegary, sweet, and spicy taste, the House of BBQ Experts’ Nashville Sauce gives a “good little kick” to whatever it is poured on. Very liquid, it is primarily designed to be mixed with pulled pork or to be lacquered on meats as they are cooking.


    This sauce made with Jack Daniel’s also pairs well with other meats, such as pulled beef and chicken, chicken wings, beef brisket, and ribs, and gives them a little festive touch, every time. Moreover, if you want to give your pieces of meat beautiful and flavorful barks, this sauce is essential in your kitchen!

    Ingredients: Cider vinegar • Sugars (brown sugar • liquid sugar) • Tomato paste • Water • Vinegar • Salt • Whiskey • Spices 

    Contains: Barley • Rye


    House of BBQ Experts