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House of BBQ Experts’ Sweet Apple Sauce


The House of BBQ Experts’ Sweet Apple sauce Celebrate apple season all year long!
A surprising sauce that’s both kinds of sweet

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    Treat your taste buds by serving your pork or chicken with a sweet and fruity sauce.In addition to its pronounced apple taste, the House of BBQ Experts’ Sweet Apple sauce has a little spicy side detectable through its hint of rum and spice mix.

    Versatile, this sauce can be basted onto pork ribs or chops at the end of the cooking session as well as served as a cold or hot dip with chicken or tofu.

    To give meats beautiful caramelization, this scrumptious sauce is ideal.

    Ingredients: Sugars (brown sugar, apple sauce [apple, water, ascorbic acid], concentrated apple juice [water, concentrated apple juice, vitamin C], maple syrup, corn syrup [glucose, sugar, water, green strap molasses, salt]) • Tomato paste • Cider vinegar • Water • Rhum • Salt • Worcestershire sauce (vinegar, sugars [green strap molasses, glucose, sugar], water, salt, caramel, spices, anchovies, natural flavor, tamarind extractives, dimethyl silicone) • Spices • Apple natural flavor • Vanilla extract • Maple natural flavor.

    Contains: Soy • Fish (anchovies) • Wheat.




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