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Low & Slow

Low & Slow is the book for anyone who’s ready to go beyond grilling and master the craft of traditional barbecue. And not just barbecue, but braising and slow roasting, too-together the three pillars of low and slow cooking. With Low & Slow, you’ll learn to apply the magic of low heat and long cooking times to transform tough cuts of meat into juicy, flavourful finished dishes. The pros at The Culinary Institute of America have packed all their expertise, along with mouth-watering colour photographs, into a compact volume that’s sure to become your go-to handbook for all things slow cooking. Low & Slow explains what you need to know to make the most of every cut of meat, any time of year, whether you’re braising a pot of short ribs, barbecuing beef brisket in the backyard, or slow roasting lamb in the oven. Plus, with chapters on homemade rubs and sauces and enough sides to accompany every meal, if you’re passionate about cooking meat, this may be the only cookbook you ever need.

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