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OvenPlus’ Capt’n Cook


An exceptional portable double-decker grill. For surprising results!

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    Discover and experience a one-of-a-kind all-in-1 cooking tool. A true “grill that does it all”!

    Measuring 1/5 of the size of a standard American outdoor grill, OvenPlus’ Capt’n Cook is small, versatile, and portable.

    Made of stainless steel, this appliance has a cooking area totalling 275.6 square inches divided into 2 distinct cooking zones: a “convection oven” section, which doubles as a “pizza oven” section, and a “top-down salamander grill” section.

    The salamander grill and the cast-iron grids will allow you to grill your steaks in the same way they would be done in a steakhouse. You could even add a slice of cheese on top of the meat and grate it to obtain an even more incredible result! Let your creativity flow, even a 2 inches-thick tomahawk can be grilled in this machine!

    You’re craving pizza? This device works with liquid propane, so you’ll be able to enjoy one in no time! Thanks to the device’s rounded top, the air convection is improved and the pizza oven will leave you with perfectly cooked pizza. You won’t even need to rotate it!

    Moreover, the Capt’n Cook comes with a pizza stone, a pizza spatula, and a pizza cutter, so you’ll already have everything in hand to cook one! Simple, efficient, delicious.

    Ideal for grilling, baking, and stewing food, this appliance is a grill, a pizza oven, a stove and a convection oven in one. You can make phenomenal pizzas, superb hamburgers, succulent pork tenderloins, and excellent stir-fries of all kinds with it!

    The Capt’n Cook’s revolutionary design makes it easy to use, virtually smokeless, and energy-efficient. With it, you will be cooking in a safe manner and won’t have to worry about any flare-ups. Your meats will also be much more flavorful. Its patented butterfly burner and its two docks will also allow you to cook multiple meals at once.

    Portable, the Capt’n Cook can easily be brought camping, to a tailgate, fishing, to the beach, to the cottage… anywhere with you! All that you have to do is connect it to a conventional liquid propane bottle to use it.

    Once your meal is ready, all that’ll be left to do is to clean the device. Thanks to the Capt’t Cook’s detachable grease draining tray, this step doesn’t require a lot of time. More time for you to enjoy your food!

    Made of stainless steel
    Weight: 17.3 kg – 38.1 lb
    Total cooking area area: 1778 square centimeters – 275.6 square inches
    The upper pizza stone can reach 900°F while the bottom grill fires up to 700°F.
    Overall Size: 20 inches wide X 20 inches long X 13 inches high
    The pizza stone is suitable for a pizza up to 12 inches
    Indoor use not recommended
    Uses only liquid propane as fuel (sold separately)
    Pattented butterfly burner
    Total cooking power: 13000 BTUs
    Made in China

    Included in the box:
    1 Oven Plus Salamander Grill
    1 professional pizza stone (suitable for 12 inch pizzas)
    1 pizza peel with a wooden handle
    1 pizza cutter with a wooden handle