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Napoleon PHANTOM PRESTIGE® 500 RSIB matte black natural gas BBQ


Whichever meal you are looking to prepare, the Napoleon PHANTOM PRESTIGE® 500 RSIB is the right BBQ for the job!

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    With its matte black finish and improved characteristics, this BBQ has everything a prestigious tool should have. Made of cast stainless steel, the stylish cooking grids on this BBQ are easy to maintain, durable and ideal for high heat searing.

    Craving chicken? The rear infrared rotisserie burner on this Napoleon PHANTOM PRESTIGE® 500 RSIB is as ideal for searing foods at high temperatures as it is for slowly spit-roasting them. Steaks seem like a better option? The grid on top of the side infrared burner allows the BBQ user to sear meats, caramelize them, and obtain a result worthy of what they would get at a steakhouse!

    Looking for some sides with that? The BBQ’s multifunctional grilling rack is the perfect place to hang or place appetizers, chicken legs, seafood, and/or bread, and let them cook.

    What about the foods that fall into the grill? The wavy design of the cast stainless steel cooking grids prevents small pieces of food from falling between the cracks, which means that in the end, the plates will be served with even more food in them than before! With a cooking surface totalizing 900 square inches, this Napoleon PHANTOM PRESTIGE® 500 RSIB is only waiting to make many legendary meals happen!


    • luxurious matte black finish
    • upgraded iconic WAVE™ cast stainless steel cooking grids
    • upgraded multifunctional grilling rack
    • infrared Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ side burner with cast stainless steel grid
    • 6 burners
    • cooking area totalizing 900 square inches
    • 31 burger capacity
    • rear infrared rotisserie burner
    • multifunctional Side Shelf
    • NIGHT LIGHT™ knobs with SafetyGlow
    • 80,000 BTU’s