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House of BBQ Experts’™ Foldable Chimney & Portable Grill


A HOT accessory for fire! To start grilling faster.

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    Light your charcoal rapidly with the House of BBQ Experts’™ Foldable Chimney & Portable Grill.

    Made of 304 stainless steel, it is durable, highly heat-resistant and won’t rust. Able to contain a large quantity of charcoal, this conical chimney will impress you with its efficiency. Indeed, its angled shape allows air to flow well and charcoal to burn red faster.

    Handling the chimney will not be a problem with two handles allowing you to easily and firmly hold to pour its content into your grill without any issues, and in a secure manner.

    Collapsable and unfoldable in no time, this accessory requires next to no space and is easy to store away. To use it, you only need to unfold it, to put its bottom grid in place, to add the combustible in it, and, voilà, you’re all set to light your charcoal, briquettes or wood twigs!

    Outdoor fanatics will also be delighted to learn that they can put the chimney’s top grid onto it to transform it into a small, portable grill and enjoy delicious grilled food at the beach, while camping or fishing, just anywhere!

    Truly, this chimney is THE ideal solution for all of those who are looking for a sure, efficient and safe way to get burning-hot charcoal or a tool to grill in remote places.


    • Length: 8,5 inches
    • Width: 8,5 inches
    • Height: 11 inches

    House of BBQ Experts