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Accu-Probe Bluetooth Thermometer Napoleon


Make grilling the perfect steak or roast even easier with Napoleon’s ACCU-PROBE Bluetooth Thermometer. Use the LCD display to monitor the temperature of up to four separate probes. This Bluetooth enabled device will alert your phone when the food has reached the perfect temperature. The magnetic base means that this BBQ thermometer stays where you put it. Grill steaks and roasts exactly how you want them by setting custom temperatures, ensuring everyone gets exactly what they want. The Napoleon ACCU-PROBE Bluetooth Thermometer comes with two probes and probe markers to know exactly which steak is which.

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    -Downloadable Grilling App Available

    -Takes the Guess Work Out of Grilling

    -Two Independent Probes, Accommodates Four

    -1 Year Warranty’

    Weight 1.65 lbs
    Dimensions 7 × 8 × 4 in