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House of BBQ Experts’ Pizza Box Grill Accessory


For restaurant-quality pizzas at home. An accessory that you can “crust”.

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    With the House of BBQ Experts’ Pizza Box Grill Accessory, tasty pizzas are no longer exclusive to restaurants!

    Place it onto the grill’s grid, ignite or start the fire, prep your pizza, slide it onto the ceramic-enameled pizza stone in the stainless steel pizza box, and let the magic happen. In no time, you’ll obtain a perfectly crusted pizza with melted cheese, browned to your liking!

    And, because everyone has the right to enjoy succulent pizzas, this accessory can be used on all grill types, even in the oven! Well made, it has an opening large enough to look at the pizza while baking, two handles that allow for easy transportation, and a thermometer that indicates the internal temperature of the accessory.

    Safe and easy to use, the House of BBQ Experts’ Pizza Box Grill Accessory is pre-assembled and ready to make your delicious creations come to life!


    • Length: 14 inches
    • Height: 6 inches
    • Width: 16 inches

    House of BBQ Experts