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Napoleon’s Cast Iron Dessert Cooker


For small, yet full, portions. A versatile and practical skillet.

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    To make your most wonderful entrées and best desserts and sides, Napoleon’s cast-iron dessert cooker is ideal.

    With its 4-inches (10 centimeters) diameter, it contains enough space for you to bake a pie, a cookie, a brownie, or cook a hot dip or potatoes. Offering a single serving of any meal in this skillet will enhance the look of your presentation.

    The enameled surface provides a natural non-stick finish that gets better with use. So… feel free to use it as many times as you like! On the grill, on the grill’s side burners, over or directly in the charcoal, in the fire pit, on or in the oven… it goes everywhere!

    Food’s ready? Serve your meal right away from the fire to the table!

    4-inch (10cm) diameter, ideal for strudel, pie, and other delicious desserts
    Lucious and delightful desserts, fresh, directly to your table from the grill
    Ideal for individual miniature desserts. Create pies, strudel, brownies, and cookies, as well as individual hot dips, potato side dishes and much more!”