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House of BBQ Experts The Injector

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The House of BBQ Experts Injector lets you infuse great tasting liquids and marinades inside your pieces of meat. Use it to flavor your chicken, turkey, beef, pork… and much more !


With this easy-to-use tool, you can inject your marinade (or your favorite alchool or juice) directly into your meat, instead of losing precious time marinating. Just add delicious juicy flavors to your food quickly, thanks to effortless injections.


You can also clean up The Injector very easily, since the durable stainless steel needle is removable.


Do you need a sturdier option ? Click here to discover the BBQ Québec Injecterminator, entirely made of stainless steel.

Weight 0.152 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 29 × 5 in

House of BBQ Experts