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House of BBQ Experts’ Fire Starter


An infallible way to enjoy a fire! Made from 100% sawdust and wax, this fire starter is ecological, safe, and nontoxic.

Fast, reliable, and easy to use the House of BBQ Experts’ Fire Starter can be used to light BBQs, campfires, and fireplaces (it works with all fuel types).

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    Ready for any circumstances, you do not need any paper or kindling wood to ignite it. Moreover, its small size and light weight allow you to bring it anywhere and to slide it into a transport bag easily.

    A pack of 24 cubes lights 8 to 24 fires. Lots of great moments and amazing memories are then just a fire away, waiting to be made.


    • Ideal for: BBQs, campfires, and fireplaces
    • Format: 24 cubes
    • Lights: 8 to 24 fires
    • Lasting time: burns 10 to 13 minutes
    • Material: made of 100% sawdust and wax



    House of BBQ Experts