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House of BBQ Experts’ Ash bucket


An ecological way to store your ashes. For peace of mind.

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    Get rid of your ashes easily with the House of BBQ Experts’ Ash bucket. Whether you just cooked a delicious meal on the grill, cleaned your grill or extinguished your fireplace or campfire, this bucket is always great to have on hand. No more dirty patios, outdoor kitchens or multiple trips to the trash. Indeed, you now only have to fill this bucket with hot or cold ashes and close its lid to keep your space clean, safe, and organized!

    Designed for your security and to make you save time, it is light and largely sized. It comes complete with a lid, a wooden handle (that facilitates and secures its transportation), an integrated shovel holder, and its own ash shovel! Also, its bottom part is elevated so it does not come directly in contact with the surface on which you place it.

    Very nice looking, this black steel bucket is adorned with the House of BBQ Experts’ orange flame; an aesthetic and practical accessory. Moreover, you can even have more than one of these buckets if you wish to use them to store your charcoal or wood chips, for example.

    Certainly, you won’t be able to resist using it!



    • Height: 13 inches
    • Diameter: 12 inches

    House of BBQ Experts