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All-in-1 26″


The ultimate way to get the most out of your kettle-type BBQ! With this accessory, your BBQ can be transformed into a smoker, a pizza oven, a rotisserie, and more!

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    The All-in-1 is a versatile accessory for 26″ charcoal kettle-type BBQs. By installing this ring made of Canadian 304 stainless steel on your BBQ, you can easily cook meals and foods of all kinds. : pizzas, chicken, bread… It allows, among other things, to hot or cold smoke foods, to cook them on a rotisserie, or in the Asado style, or even, as if they were in a tandoor. With this Canadian invention, the possibilities are almost infinite!


    Definitely, this 2019 Vesta Award winning accessory will never cease to surprise you. Portable, you can even bring it with you when you go camping and wow the whole gallery with your delicious meals!

    Some improvements have been made to this new version of the All-in-1 (released in 2021):
    – The accessory is assembled with 2 pieces instead of 3;
    – The top of the accessory is bent at 90° so that the BBQ’s lid sits better on it;
    – The shape of the base of the BBQ cover is replicated at the bottom of the base of the accessory so that it attaches itself perfectly to the BBQ;
    – The hinge is custom made and is fixed with aircraft-grade rivets so that the accessory door can be closed more easily and more securely;
    – The door is welded to the hinge to make it more solid;
    – Side handles and grid brackets are made with Canadian 304 stainless steel for extra strength;
    – The side handles are thicker (14 g) so that they are easier to manipulate;
    – The plates for the rotisserie are fixed with wing nuts;
    – The supports for the rotisserie are more solid and rigid than before (14 g);
    – The stainless steel brackets (14 g) replace the screws to support the grids;
    – The accessory is higher so that more food or larger pieces can be inserted in it;
    – The details are laser-engraved onto the accessory to improve its aesthetics and lower its weight.

    Accessory dimensions: diameter of 26″ x 9.5 ” high
    Accessory weight: 8.5 lb
    Box weight: 2 lb
    Ideal for: 26″ charcoal kettle-type BBQs
    Material: Canadian 304 stainless steel
    Provenance: made in Canada

    Weight 4.41 lbs
    Dimensions 26 × 26 × 9.5 in