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Super WAVE grill brush Napoleon


Use this Super WAVE Grill Brush as part of your regular grill maintenance routine. Perfect for cleaning a grill’s porcelainized cast iron cooking grids, this grill brush is uniquely shaped to provide leverage when dealing with stubborn food. A stay cool handle keeps your hands safe when cleaning a hot grill. The Super WAVE Grill Brush has a built-in grid scraper, so you can get in between the grids for an expert clean. Brush your cooking grids while the grill is still hot to remove any stuck on food residue. Remember, clean grills are happy grills.

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    -Bass bristles safe for porcelainized cooking grids

    -Heat resistant handle

    -Integrated tool hanger

    -Dishwasher safe’

    Weight 0.65 lbs
    Dimensions 9 × 22 × 3 in