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The Twist-O-Max


House of BBQ Experts’ Twist-O-Max is the official partner in crime of all kinds of parties, camping trips and pool parties.

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    The Twist-o-Max is the perfect accessory to make hot-dogs version 4.0 by allowing you to revisit the classic.  Also, using the Twist-O-Max gives you more space to add your favorite condiments. This durable and easy to use tool offers you a fun way to rediscover hot-dogs with your kids.

    The Twist-o-Max cuts your sausages in a spiral shape which increases the contact surface with your grill and allows more char.

    Try them with melting cheese, spaghetti sauce or the famous combo ketchup/mustard. 

    Compatible with most of the commercial hot dog sausages available in grocery stores.


    • Length: 8.5 inches