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Max Lighter


A sure way to light a fire. This portable accessory is reliable and easy to use.

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    The House of BBQ Experts’ Max Lighter is an innovative electrically powered combustible starter named after one of the founding brothers, Max Lavoie. With this very efficient tool, you can control fire just like a caveman wishes he could have done so 500,000 years ago!

    Indeed, the first flames will appear after you’ve used it for 30 seconds, and after 3-4 minutes, your charcoal will be red and ready to sear your meat. With it, you will then be able to safely enjoy a roaring fire in less than 5 minutes and, even, reignite its flames if necessary. Definitely, this powerful tool is a blast to use and a must-have at home or in serious cook off competitions!

    Cable length: 10 feet


    Length: 18.5 inches


    House of BBQ Experts