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House of BBQ Experts’ Smash Burger press


A press that’s easy to handle. For incredible burgers.

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    Create the best Smash Burgers on the planet with the House of BBQ Experts’ Smash Burger press! There’s no need to go to a restaurant to enjoy a burger with an extremely thin and crispy patty anymore, you can now do it at home!

    Shape your meat into balls, season them, and place them on a very hot cooking griddle. Flatten them with the accessory’s smooth bottom made of thick stainless steel, and… TADA! You’ll obtain delicious super slim patties, and will have created the ultimate Maillard reaction giving them beautiful caramelized crusts!

    The wooden handle is large enough to be held with one hand and the accessory itself is resistant; it won’t fold or break, regardless of the amount of strength that you use on it.

    Built in one solid piece to provide great durability, this robust tool is light and easy to clean.


    • Height: 3.3 inches
    • Length: 5.9 inches
    • Width: 5.5 inches

    House of BBQ Experts