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Pellet Grill 36 Blanket


Grill like a real pro with the Pellet Grill 36 Blanket!

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    With the SmokePro 36″ Blanket, smoking and grilling can be year-round activities. The blanket is made of fire-resistant fiberglass that will help keep your grill warm and reduce the amount of pellets it needs to burn in the cold weather. It might be snowing outside, but your pellet grill is smoking hot.

    -Exclusive ash cleanout system

    Product packaging dimensions: (Length) 43 cm / 17 in, (Width) 15 cm / 6 in, (Height) 33 cm / 13 in, (Weight) 3.18 kg / 7 lbs

    Weight 7 lbs
    Dimensions 17 × 6 × 13 in

    Camp Chef