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All-In-1 Charcoal BBQ (Kettle) 26” Napoleon, Weber, etc.

The all-in-1 accessory, made of 304 stainless steel, allows to turn your Kettle barbecue into a smokehouse or a pizza oven. It can even be used as a tandoori grill or as a roasting pan.

– completely made of Stainless 304
– made in Canada
– 2 Sizes available: 22,5” and 26”
– winner of VESTA award for best bbq accessories 2019

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The BBQ Quebec’s All-In-1 is the perfect accessory for your Charcoal BBQ Kettle. The stainless steel ring allows you to turn your kettle into a smoker, pizza oven or tandoori oven. It even supports the rotisseries! Easily transported to a campsite or you just have to put it directly on your fire. The All-in-1 fits perfectly on Napoleon’s 26” Kettle.

Weight 10 lbs

BBQ Québec