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Short ribs with a legendary crust

By: JP

Beef short ribs are massive and impressive pieces of meat, which, unfortunately, are amongst the toughest to cook well. That said, they are also, in my opinion, amongst the best pieces to eat, so if you have the chance to cook and eat some, GO FOR IT!!! 😍

In order for you to bite into amazing short ribs that taste heavenly, I will give you my tips and tricks so that yours are the best in town. 😎

Are you ready? Let’s roll!

Oh! Just so you know, this recipe can be recreated on ANY KIND OF GRILL, so … you have no excuses not to cook some delicious short ribs. 😜

Required tools:



  1. Preheat the grill to 275°F, with maple charcoal if it’s a charcoal grill or maple wood pellets if it’s a pellet grill. (The slower they are cooked, the better the meal will be, so if you have time, you can even reduce the temperature to 225°F; you’ll have more time to take action during the cook, but the session will last about 3 h longer.)
  2. Using a butter knife, remove the whitish membrane, the layer of collagen, under the rib by scraping it off slowly. (It is important to remove it because the membrane is very stiff. Without the membrane, the cook will also be more stable and the final result will taste better. —You can keep pieces of the membrane if you want to make chips later, for example, they are really delicious.—)
  3. Once the membrane is removed, make a small incision on the remaining, thin, membrane between each of the short ribs’ bones. (This step makes a big difference because it ensures that as the meat cooks, the thin membrane will not roll onto itself with the spices, but rather allow them to penetrate the meat.)
  4. Flip the short ribs over and, using a sharper knife, remove the excess fat. (It is important to remove only a small amount of fat because you want to have some fat on your meat. You do not want to have too much fat on your piece either, because, otherwise, it will take the seasonings on the meat off with it to the bottom of the grill as it is melting.)
  5. Sprinkle a small amount of The Booster Flavor Enhancer on all of the piece of meat’s sides (including the edges) to seal in its juices, fats, and flavor.
  6. Add a nice coat of Montreal dry marinade on all of the short ribs’ sides, and do the same with the Black Tiger dry marinade. (A rack of short ribs is a very thick piece of meat, so don’t be afraid to put on loads of seasonings! —This combination of spice blends really well and gives a beautiful result; your meat will have a legendary crust, caramelized to perfection!—)
  7. Place the piece of meat, bone side down, over indirect heat, on the grill’s grids, and let it cook and smoke, slowly but surely, until it has an internal temperature of 160 or 170 °F and a nice caramelized crust.
  8. Wrap the short ribs in butcher paper (or aluminum paper), and send it back into the grill, still over indirect heat, but, this time, with the bone side up. Let it “steam” and cook until the meat has an internal temperature of 200 or 205°F AND the thermometer penetrates it like butter. (In total, the piece of meat will have taken about 5 hours to cook.)
  9. Let the meat rest out of the grill for about 30 minutes.
  10. Brush the Espresso sauce on all sides of the meat while it is still hot, then serve. (For even better results, heat the sauce first.)
  11. Enjoy short ribs that taste like heaven!

Happy grilling!