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Samurai Shrimp V.2.0

Samurai shrimp

Two years ago in January 2018, we set off with a band of BBQ warriors towards Honolulu, Hawaii. Why? To take inspiration from their cooking techniques and discover the most typical dishes of these islands of fire.

If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, you know we’re already talking about shrimp. The shrimp shacks found everywhere on the island of Oahu are all more delicious than the next. Honestly, the city of Honolulu can offer you the biggest and best shrimp on the planet!

Today, I’m offering you my method of cooking the most delicious shrimp on the BBQ. It’s simple and will make your cooking for the work week faster. Forget the marinades that burn on the BBQ. We’re talking about a real recipe adapted for your BBQ.

  • I recommend about 31 to 40 shrimp. (This is the number of shrimps in a pound). You can take them smaller or larger. The indirect cooking time will be different but the grill time will be the same.
  • You can put your shrimp on skewers. The flat stainless steel skewers are ideal for holding your shrimp without tearing them and without them turning around when you turn them over. Steven Raichlen’s skewers are really cool and effective.
  • Some people might not want to use skewers, as the shrimp might fall through the grill. I’d would rather encourage you to use a baking tray / basket made of stainless steel or cast iron. Heat the plate, then add the shrimp to grill them.
  • Those with a side burner can also sauté the shrimp outside using the Napoleon Wok. Or, if you have a rotisserie you can put them in the basket for chicken wings, shrimps of course, and even your fries!

Step 1


Preheat your BBQ with a direct and indirect zone. If you don’t know what direct/indirect cooking is, just hit that link!


Step 2


Put your favorite spices on the shrimp. Personally, I’m a big fan of the House of BBQ Experts Caribbean rub that my brother Max created. His little lemon kick is delicious and perfect for fish and seafood. Otherwise, other great good choices include Kansas or all the Kosmos Q Wing Dust options, which are amazing on chicken wings, shrimp, chips, popcorn, chili, and more.

Ok, let’s go back to our shrimp. Here we go!

Once our shrimps are covered with spice rub, I recommend that you simply put them in indirect heat until they are cooked. If they are frozen, it is longer, if they are larger, it is also longer, but if they are small, this step is very short or even nonexistent in the case of small thawed shrimp.

Basically, we cook the shrimp in the indirect zone until they are almost ready, and just before they are 100%, we will grill them in the direct zone.

In general, grill them for about 1 to 2 minutes per side until you get the desired color. Turn them over again and grill them again for 1 to 2 minutes.

Now we’re ready to apply the House of BBQ Experts Samurai sauce, our sauce that I invented my brother and I in Hawaii. It’s the perfect balance between notes of pineapple, sesame, hoisin sauce, mirin and ginger. It is all the rage with shrimp, but also with pork, chicken and fish. It is ideal to serve with sushi, eggrolls, Pokébowl, salmon, tuna tartare and much more.

What is pleasant with shrimp is that it is super good for health and that it goes in everything. A salad, a Poké, in pasta and even in tacos!

Simple and quick, the shrimps are delicious when they are well prepared!

Happy BBQ!

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