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Salmon and Elk Sushis

Salmon and Elk Sushis

I love this recipe for a few reasons. First, it’s a surf and turf type of recipe, so you already know you can’t go wrong with it 😉.

Second, you can make it with any ingredients you want; you don’t have to use the ones I list here. You can add (or substitute an ingredient with) beef, venison, avocado, lobster, rice, cream cheese, etc. Treat yourself and make it your own!

This recipe is really simple, easy to make and packs a punch. You know me—I love creating high-protein, low-carb recipes, so this one is perfect for when you’re hunting and don’t want to make anything complicated but still eat something a little fancy. You can even cook the protein right in the fire or on a gas stove (though, it’s always better on the grill 😉).

Lastly, I’m someone who really likes sushi, so I was inspired to use it in this recipe. If you don’t like sushi, you’ll love it anyway because you won’t be making “real” sushi! 😜

Here’s how to make my recipe:

Required tools:



  1. Set the Himalayan Salt Board on the BBQ grill in the direct cooking zone and preheat it to 400°F. Allow the salt board to preheat for about 20-25 minutes before you begin making the recipe.
  2. Slice the ½ cucumber in half, then cut each half lengthwise into 4 pieces.
  3. Sprinkle Appalachians Dry Rub over the cucumbers, then place them on the BBQ grill in the direct cooking zone. Grill (occasionally flipping) until they’re crisp and the dry rub caramelizes.
  4. Meanwhile, remove the salmon filet’s skin and cut the fish into thin slices. Sprinkle a little Dawn Dry Rub on both sides of each slice.
  5. Sear both sides of the salmon slices on the salt plank, making sure the center of each slice remains slightly pink.
  6. When the salmon and cucumber are ready, take them off the BBQ and cut them into thin strips.
  7. On your work surface, lay out the elk slices like you would sheets of seaweed.
  8. Place 1 slice of salmon and 1 piece of cucumber on each elk slice and add goat cheese in the middle.
  9. Roll up the elk slices into “sushi rolls.”
  10. Transfer the “rolls” to the salt board and sear for about 30-40 seconds on each side. While searing, sprinkle a little Appalachians Dry Rub on 1 side and a few drops of your favorite Hot Sauce on the other.
  11. When the “rolls” are cooked through, take them off the BBQ and slice them into small sushis (hosomaki).
  12. Serve and enjoy!


Happy grilling!