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Really, You Can Smoke Nuts?

The temperature’s dropping, Mother Nature is no longer on our side and is letting us know her own moods by sending us cold and clouds! It’s time to react in kind and start cold smoking (let’s fight the clouds, with clouds… of smoke). Cold smoking is a vast unexplored world that deserves more attention.

We often hear about cold-smoked salmon, but there’s more to cold smoking than just fish. You can actually smoke ANYTHING that can’t be smoked hot. It’s time to turn into a mad scientist and test just about everything: sauces, chips, spirits, spices, cheeses and the subject of this blog post—nuts.

In this experiment, I used almonds, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds and cashews (note that you can use any nuts you like).

Method: first, you need to coat the nuts with avocado oil and sprinkle them with the House of BBQ Experts Kansas Spice Mix and Rub to amp up the BBQ flavor (we want it to taste like BBQ).

What you’ll need:

Then, when the ambient temperature outside is 0 to 10 degrees Celsius, light the chips inside the Smoker Box and put it on the grill inside any BBQ. The smoke is then simply activated and ready to cling to the food and give it that great smoky flavor.

Then place the nuts on a tray next to the box and let the magic begin. Close the BBQ lid and let the magic happen for about 50 minutes in the case of the nuts. Note that the longer you let the smoke work, the more pronounced the smoky flavor of the food you’re smoking will be.

Then take the nuts off the grill and enjoy the perfect snack for your fall walks and holiday shopping. All in all, an easy-to-make, all-purpose snack that tastes great. Cold smoking, an ideal activity to forget the grey weather that Mother Nature tends to give us in November.  Beating the clouds with smoke is the best way to turn the dreary days into pleasant and delicious days.