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Who hasn’t bought little pizza bites at the grocery store? I think we all have, and the feedback is the same every time: It just tastes like tomato paste! Today, we’re making our own bite-sized pizzas, just the way we like them and loaded with goodness, for a fraction of the price. 





Turn on the All-in-1 and set it to pizza mode as usual (see steps here)

I always tell you not to use a rolling pin, but we’ll need one today!  With a generous layer of flour spread on your work surface, use the rolling pin to flatten out the dough until it’s thinner than pizza dough. 

Once flattened, use a glass to cut out perfect circles, according to the size of your pan. Place each circle of dough on the bottom of the pan and press it down, so it spreads out slightly.

Then, simply top the dough with your chosen ingredients, just like a pizza. Don’t forget to press down on the ingredients to make sure no empty space remains inside.

Add pellets to your charcoal to create a flame and transfer the pan to the preheated pizza stone (preheat your stone for 20-25 minutes at 700 F and above for best results). You want the pan and stone as close to the door as possible (away from the fire to allow the dough to cook).

Once ready, sprinkle with California spice mix and let sit for a few minutes. You’ll see, these bites will become a regular treat!