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Chef Stefan Jacob’s bacon wrapped cheeseburger recipe

Are you looking for an extraordinary recipe to impress friends this weekend? Do you want to renew your love with…

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How to make the perfect potato rösti on the BBQ!

The potato is, without a doubt, the most cooked root vegetable in the world. Fried, mashed or diced, several techniques…

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Texas brisket: How to make it like a real pitmaster

The brisket cut of beef is becoming increasingly more popular, especially if we’re talking Texas brisket. Future pitmasters and competition…

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How to make House of BBQ Experts Canadian Chicken Wings

Are you just a huge fan of chicken wings? Do you like watching hockey while eating chicken wings? Well then…

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Easy BBQ recipes during the work week

When you cook on week nights it’s usually quick, efficient and, for the most part, easy, so sometimes it’s nice…

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How to make Chocolate Candy Bacon

Three words you never thought you’d hear: Chocolate Candy Bacon. Yes, it exists and it’s a delicacy waiting to be…

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Argentinian Chicken Legs

For a long time I worked in Montreal’s Portuguese district and that’s when I discovered real chicken. We’re talking authentic,…

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Upgrade your grilled cheese game

This blog was written in honour of perhaps the most popular and beloved late night snack in North America: the…

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How to BBQ seafood like a pro

As a true carnivore, BBQing quickly became an important part of my life after I bought my grill. I started…

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Nailing the perfect Surf and Turf burger

Surf and Turf is the perfect combination of greatness and… greatness, but nailing the perfect Surf and Turf burger is…

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