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House of BBQ Experts Shareable Poutine recipe!

What’s better than a poutine? A poutine made on the barbecue the House of BBQ Experts way! This shareable BBQ…

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The best Easter BBQ chocolate pizza

At home, Easter means good memories and fun tradition – but we’re always looking for more great Easter BBQ ideas….

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Healthy spicy falafel recipe

Here is my recipe for a spicy, vegan falafel dish. When I was asked to write a vegan blog post,…

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Squash Gnocchi recipe

When we think of “gnocchi”, we think of a fancy meal from a great restaurant. We rarely dare to prepare…

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The best Beef Bourguignon recipe!

Since my earliest childhood, good times spent with my loved ones was synonymous with the idea of ​​eating a good…

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Key Lime Pie on the BBQ!

I often have to get out of my comfort zone both in the kitchen or while working at House of…

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Recipe: Maple butter salmon on Himalayan salt block

If you’re looking for a tasty, healthy dish, I’ve got it for you here. This is my maple butter salmon…

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Pulled Pork should be the star dish of your autumn

September, synonymous with back to school, the end of holidays and shorter days. In short, I prefer summer. But with…

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Poutine-Stuffed Potato Skins Recipe!

There will always be potatoes in our life. That’s a fact! They’re so good and we can cook them in…

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The most efficient Poor Man’s Burnt Ends recipe

When I made my first brisket, I was excited that my girlfriend would be able to taste the final result….

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