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BBQ Salmon: 3 Techniques to Master

Whether you like it best under steak or filet form, salmon is one of the classics when it comes to…

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Canadian BBQ specialties

“O Canada! Our home and native land! …of the BBQ.” It goes something like that anyway. With such a wide…

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Texan BBQ Specialties

Whether you’re prepping up for a special celebration or simply in a desperate need of a perfect BBQ meal, you…

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Delicious BBQ Chicken breast marinades

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy midweek meal or you’re having people over and want something easy to…

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Holiday Yule log with House of BBQ Experts’ Cake Spice Mix and Rub

The holidays are all about the 4 Fs: “family”, “friends”, “fun”, and “food”. Indeed, this is the time of the…

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Celebrate the holiday season with a five-course BBQ meal!

Once the holiday season starts, everything goes by really fast. You have to think of what to get your family…

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Know Your Butts: The Legendary Money Muscle

Pork is bland. Such a statement has never been so far from the truth, and yet, we hear it so…

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Plant-based BBQ: Top 3 veggies to grill

Although BBQ is still prominently a meat industry, some new alternatives are growing in popularity: times are changing. Some will…

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Brisket : to split or not to split!

In a never ending quest for the truest form of barbecuing, I often find myself revisiting and experimenting with a…

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The 3 most flavorful beef cuts to smoke and braise

There aren’t many “absolutes” in this world but if there was one in the BBQ scene, it’s that we just…

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