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Bison Steaks

Bison Steaks

Bison meat is a type of meat that does not contain a lot of fat. It is therefore important to cook it well to pay tribute to the beautiful animal that is the bison.

What I mean by that is that there is a possibility that, depending on how thick the steaks that you have are, you will not cook it the same way as what is written in this recipe. Specifically, if your steaks are less than 1 ½ inch thick (as it is the case in the recipe), I recommend that you sear them first, then place them in the indirect heat zone afterwards. If, on the contrary, your steaks are more than 1 ½ inch thick, well then, I suggest that you do a “reverse sear” instead. Meaning that you will cook your steaks in an indirect heat zone first and sear them afterwards. This will really make a big difference for your end result.

Also, it’s mentioned in the recipe, but you sear/cook the steaks on your BBQ’s grate or do it cavemen-style, directly on the fire, in the embers. If your BBQ has a cast-iron grate or an infrared burner, though, I would also recommend that you use it (or them), as it is ideal for searing steaks.

Now, get ready to taste the best steaks of your life!

Here is the recipe:


Cooking method:

  1. Preheat the BBQ to its highest possible temperature*.
  2. Season some Montreal spice mix and rub on both sides of the 2 pieces of meat to honor them.
  3. Sear the steaks on one side, and once they unstick from the grate (or the charcoal) easily, sear them on the other. (If some “juice” starts appearing on the top of the meat, it usually indicates that the meat is ready.)
  4. Once both sides are well seared, place the steaks over indirect heat (the zone’s maximum temperature should be between 300 and 400°F) and let them cook until their internal temperature reaches the desired cooking level (ex: 120°F for blue steaks, 135°F for medium rare steaks, etc.).
  5. Serve and enjoy!

* If you’re grilling your steaks directly in the fire, over ember, make sure that the charcoal is red and blazing hot. Blow on it before placing your steaks on it to “activate” the charcoal and to blow away any dust that might be there.