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Bacon Ribs on the All-in-1

As a pitmaster, I get fed up with cooking and eating the same 4 meats that I cook at events, especially classic sweet ribs! 

So today, I have a different recipe for you :  Bacon-wrapped ribs that don’t need a sauce, a heat deflector or any basting while cooking…

That’s right—it’s probably the easiest rib recipe in the world!

Here’s how to make them:


Required tools:


Ingredients :


  1. On your work surface, lay the bacon slices vertically next to each other (so they touch).
  2. Remove the white membrane from the back of the ribs, then apply a thin layer of Kansas dry rub to both sides.
  3. Place the ribs in the middle of the bacon slices, then fold them over.
  4. Sprinkle the top of the “wrapped” ribs with a thin layer of Texas dry rub. Set aside.
  5. Light the chimney.
  6. Empty the hot charcoal from the chimney into one side of the BBQ.
  7. Add a few extra pieces of charcoal in the BBQ and a nice big piece of hickory wood on top. (optional)
  8. Install the All-in-1 on the BBQ, then set the grate on top.
  9. Transfer the ribs to the grill, away from the heat, and cook for about 1 1/2 hours at 450°F until a thermometer placed between 2 bones reads an internal temperature of at least 208°F (or 215°F if you like the meat to pull away from the bones). “Standard” ribs are usually ready when they reach an internal temperature of 203°F. Because they cook very quickly with this recipe, the internal temperature must be higher or they will not be tender. Don’t worry, a longer cooking period will keep the bacon fat juicy.
  10. Turn the ribs over halfway through cooking (optional).
  11. Serve and enjoy!


Happy eating and happy grilling!