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Bear Backstrap

Last weekend, I went bear hunting. It was an incredible experience — so incredible, in fact, that I now feel…

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3 cuts of beef, 3 recipes

Today, I will present to you my 3 favorite beef cuts! Not only will I do that, I will also…

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Cold Smoked Salmon Steaks  

This recipe takes a very long time to make (it takes around 72 hours), but doesn’t require a lot of…

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Bison Steaks

Bison meat is a type of meat that does not contain a lot of fat. It is therefore important to…

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Today, I’m spoiling you because I’m not only showing you a burger recipe, but a recipe of a burger that’s…

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Butter and Lemon Lobsters

Lobster tastes delicious and this recipe is perfect for enhancing its taste and flavor even further. As you know, garlic…

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Margherita Pizza

Everyone loves pizza. Making this perfect Margherita pizza recipe is, therefore, a sure way to ensure that everyone at the…

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Grilled Vegetables on the BBQ:  Easy-Breezy Ways to Char Veggies

We get it, you love meat. A lot. Trust me, I do just as well.  We’re the same. As much…

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The Best Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t love BBQ’ed chicken? It tastes so good that some people even wonder…

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Best BBQ Pork Tenderloin

If you’ve read some of my other blogs, you know by now that I love pork. You also know that…

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