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Salt block-cooked scallops

By: Max The great thing about scallops is that you don’t need a lot of ingredients to pay them homage….

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Grilled shish-taouk chicken

By: Max 4 servings Chicken shish-taouk always tastes good. What’s also great is that… we don’t necessarily think about it,…

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Tomahawk cooked in an All-in-1

By: Marc-Antoine 3 to 4 portions Today, I’m presenting you one of my favorite recipes, which is also really easy…

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Whole Fish Grilled with the All-Purpose Grilling Basket

By: Alexandre For 2 servings About 20 minutes of cooking Steven Raichlen’s All-Purpose Grilling Basket lives up to its name….

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Steak and egg-style stuffed potatoes

By: Marc-Antoine For 2 servings 45 minutes of cooking My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is a “steak and…

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Nachos-style stuffed potatoes

By: Marc-Antoine 2 portions Serving stuffed potatoes or a dish of nachos to our guests is now a thing of…

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Sausage meat-stuffed peppers

By: JP 4 portions 40 minutes cooking time Stuffed vegetables are always good (it’s even a great way to make…

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All-purpose cheese, bacon, and leek dip

By: JP This dip, OMG! 🤤 It surprises me every time. I can dip chicken wings, chips, bread, veggies in…

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The Big Max burger and its incredible sauce

By: JP For 1 burger If you get out a bit, you’ve probably already heard of/took a bite out of…

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Beef flank braided with bacon

By: JP Feeling like eating a delicious meal, that’s sexy AND incredible? 😏 I have what you’re looking for! (And…

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