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Balcony BBQing: A buyer’s guide

Many of us do balcony BBQing on a regular basis because owning a BBQ is not just for homeowners with big lawns. Everyone can enjoy barbecuing! All you need is the perfect grill that fits your needs and your patio or balcony.

But if you live in an apartment or a condo, there are some things you need to verify before buying your BBQ.


Balcony BBQing: know your dimensions


It’s important to know the dimensions of the space that you have for your BBQ if you want to do balcony BBQing on the regular. You’ll want to know the exact measurement in inches, feet, metres or other units. But measurements like “it’s approximately that big” won’t work if you’re trying to find the perfect fit. 


Save yourself a second trip to the store: note the dimensions of the available space for your BBQ. The BBQ expert who can advise you will be able to eliminate the options that won’t work for you and propose a BBQ well-adapted to your needs.


It’s also good to know if your balcony has a weight limit!


BBQ anarchy and municipal bylaws


Be aware of any city regulations that take place in your neighbourhood or your city. Some landlords also put a “No BBQ” clause in the lease. Although BBQ is synonymous with freedom and happiness in our minds, unfortunately some rules must be followed.


Grill cover or chain with padlock?


Many people wonder if they should protect their BBQ with a cover. But if your BBQ can be seen from the street, perhaps you should ask yourself how to protect it from thieves. 

We all have an anecdote of something stolen from a balcony or the guy who had his bike stolen even though it was on the 4th floor. In fact, BBQs are also targets for thieves. Opt for models that can be easily secured with a chain and a padlock.


You can also opt for more compact models that easily fit indoors when the BBQ has cooled down. 


PS : Yes, avoid a grill cover. It retains moisture and may prematurely rust your BBQ.


I think therefore I am… a pitmaster


Get to know yourself. How many people will be there for the cook-out? What are you cooking on your grill? Do you do BBQ all year round or only during summer? Do you want to be able to move your BBQ easily or will it always stay on your patio? A good BBQ salesperson will usually ask you these kinds of questions to better understand your needs and tell you which BBQ suits you the most.

However, BBQs are very versatile and offer a thousand other accessories. A rotisserie might not be necessary for you depending on your needs. 


You might also want to check out different accessories available for your BBQ. However, make sure those accessories you’re choosing will be used and won’t stay in its box.


For these reasons, the more you know about your habits and the way you cook, the easier it’ll be to help you pick up the BBQ that suits you the best.

Delivery problems and solutions


When you buy a BBQ, it’s usually possible to have it delivered.


But you still need to give us as much detail as possible about the place where it’ll go. If you live at the end of a spiral staircase, on the 73rd floor where the elevator is broken, or if the only access is by an alley the width of a bike path, just make sure you tell us this! 


We’re also sure you’d probably want two savvy delivery men who arrive with the necessary equipment to deliver your BBQ without damaging the BBQ or the patio. 


Just remember that buying a BBQ is just like doing a good BBQ. You can do it hot ‘n fast or low ‘n slow. Both ways can be good to fulfill your purposes, but if you choose the wrong path it can leave a bitter taste.


So, at your balconies and good BBQ!

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