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Oakwood wood chips will add more flavor to your BBQ

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Nothing is better than the taste of perfectly smoked meat. To attain this level of perfection, it’s important to use the right ingredients. We can get enhanced flavouring using wood chips, especially when using a smoker or a smoker box in a gas grill.

Wood chips need to respect rigorous norms to get an optimal quality and to protect the consumer’s health.

Although smoked food is nothing new, the rise in popularity over the past decade has been undeniable. Suddenly new products are flooding the market, each one proclaiming itself THE tool to smoke meat perfectly. At House of BBQ Experts, we know the truth. You don’t need expensive gadgets or a specialized grill to enjoy BBQing. All you need is your BBQ and wood chips.








What kind of wood chips are the most preferred?


Typically, oakwood chips are one of the most popular variety for grilling and smoking because it gives the food an awesome deep taste.

We get the smoke taste by exposing the food to smoke as the fire slowly consumes the wood chips, like Oakwood. To allow the smoke to penetrate the meat, without overcooking it, you cook the meat for a long time at a lower temperature than usual. The grill heat is enough to kill the bacteria, without being too high, so the food can absorb the smoke.

House of BBQ Experts’ wood chips were specifically created to give your meat a smoke flavour, and better yet, they’ve actually won an award of excellence for their quality. The Oakwood chips are a popular choice for their long autonomy and their delicious flavour. They’re also excellent when combined with other wood essences.

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