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Why winter grilling is easy… and fun!

Winter BBQing

I’ve already said it a million times, but maybe you didn’t hear me (hey, sorry, my voice is naturally gravelly, get used to it!). Look – grilling is year-round! Stop making excuses, because I know you know you want to fire up the grill, even in the winter. So get winter grilling!

Everything is better on the BBQ! So when you have family over at Christmas, it will be the perfect time to show your guests all that grilling power!


Winter grilling: not as hard as you thought


From whole turkeys to meat pies to bacon-rolled sausages, everything can be cooked on the grill. The secret to getting there is indirect cooking. Light up the side burners and put the meat in the centre. Since there is no fire directly below the meat, it will cook instead of grill, like in an oven, but in a much better way! In addition, if you need to grill vegetables you can place them on the sides or the burners to grill them.

For the best result, you will have to cook with charcoal and wood. You can add chips to your gas grill, but that will never be the equivalent of a smoker. Equal heat, easy to control even in winter and of course the famous smoke flavour. You will still need to use indirect cooking in the charcoal BBQs by placing your charcoal on one side or the other of the tank.

You can also make a bowl separator made of aluminum foil to have better indirect cooking. For a simpler solution, turn on the fireplace in the house and put your food on a stainless steel plate on the fire. Simple and effective, but don’t forget to watch because it gets hot!

In short, it’s at all more complicated to cook on the BBQ than in your oven. And it’s really worth it! Just find the inspiration and courage to brave the cold! Get on the Winter BBQing train!

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