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Why we need to include our kids in BBQ

BBQ with kids

What makes us difficult? Why don’t we like certain dishes? Why are we afraid to eat certain recipes? Is it because we don’t know what’s inside? If you’re wondering what I’m getting to, at some point I’m going to talk about BBQ with kids. 


Why do some people like spicy food while others don’t?


These are questions that we all ask ourselves. I asked myself, by the way, being a guy who was…a little difficult!


Let’s just say my bbq allowed me to discover life!


A grey box that intrigued me


From my earliest memories I remember my mother would shout through the courtyard door that it was time to eat. When I went up the slope behind the house to go home, I often saw this big grey machine, often buried under the snow, without knowing what it was really for. Over time, I saw my father use it maybe five or six times a year, this old black box, with old wooden boards as shelves. Every time he started it, the women in our family would head inside for fear of an explosion.


But for me, this grey box that my father called BBQ was very intriguing.


A guy-to-guy thing


You could always find me around the smell of the grill. But, I must say, I was a pretty difficult child and I had many questions about my diet. 


By the way, when my dad used his BBQ, it was a guy-to-guy thing. He included me in cooking and preparing.


My father was a rather conservative and old-school father; that is to say the kind of father who wasn’t too affectionate. But he was also the kind of father with whom a few words were sufficient to understand each other. Sometimes we didn’t need to talk, and there was a connection between us. 


He probably felt my excitement when he started his BBQ. One day, with Pol Martin’s book in his hand, he decided that it was FINALLY time for us to cook some dishes together. Since that day that I understood what the KEY OF SUCCESS was! The involvement of the child in the preparation and the pleasure of grilling.  


An oven is ordinary to me. I don’t want ordinary


Over the years I realized that the oven wasn’t for me. It was too ordinary. There was no fire, no smoke and no lifestyle with a baking oven. 


But I couldn’t wait every time my father said to me: “Pierre-Luc, tonight we’re BBQing. What do you want to eat? What spices do you want to use?”


I wanted him to share his advice with me and to spend time together. I remember the old burners emanating an orange flame around his little sawdust smoker.


Unfortunately for me, it was really only after my mother’s death that I managed to evolve into real grillmaster because that’s when my father bought me my very first quality infrared BBQ. He spent $1,000 of my mother’s meager inheritance to buy it for me, without really explaining why.


Grilling addict


At first I grilled steak here and there. After that, I started making lunch on the BBQ, cooking long meals and making more and more complex recipes. Then I started inviting my friends and family to taste what I was doing on my new bbq and that’s when my friend Josh and I became… grill addicts!


What do you think a grill addict would do next? That’s right: he buys a new BBQ every month! I had to buy and sell a total of 15 BBQs to be able to try them all, but that’s another story…


BBQ with kids = success


I invite as many people as possible to come and eat with my little family with my smokers and BBQs. We spend most of our time on these, trying different flavors and recipes. So please, get your kids involved in cooking with you on the BBQ!


It’s an extraordinary experience and your children will create wonders with you!


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