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What is Black Tiger? 

What is Black Tiger? 

In a nutshell, it’s a great black dry marinade.

More precisely, it contains activated charcoal, which causes all the spices in the dry marinade to turn black.  It’s a classic dry marinade that fits well with everything, but was designed primarily for briskets, steaks and burgers. It is phenomenal!

Taste-wise, it’s somewhere between our Texas Dry Marinade and Explorer. It has paprika, pepper, salt and sugar. It stings slightly on the tongue.

It’s a fairly niche process at the moment, but there are pitmasters who use the “tiger method” to season their meats by using a black dry marinade alternately with an orange (or white!) dry marinade to give a striped effect to the meat. I created this rub with this effect in mind!

As with any dry marinade, I recommend putting a good coating on your food before cooking.

You can use it to make the “tiger method” or give a “bark” of fire to your pieces of meat. Not only does Black Tiger give food a black color, it also gives it texture and superb caramelization.

For an even more incredible result, you can even combine it with our Booster flavor enhancer and/or the Expresso sauce and/or the Ketchot sauce.

P.S.  Keep in mind as a crowd pleaser, the “oh no, it’s burnt!” joke is perfect before serving the meat to your guests !!!!

House of BBQ Experts’ Black Tiger BBQ Dry Marinade