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Upgrade your smoking game with Yoder smokers

They call Yoder smokers the most versatile smokers on the market. And while we love all the smoker brands we sell, quite honestly, Yoder might be onto something here.


Behold: the YS640 With Competition Cart 🙌 🙌


Let’s start with the Yoder YS640 With Competition Cart, which could be the world’s most versatile grill. Want to grill over an open fire? Check. Smoke meats low and slow with indirect heat? Check. It could very well be your back yard tank, weighing in at 335 pounds.

You see, Yoder designed its smokers to produce the best possible food on its machines. In doing so, they added features that set them way ahead in the market. The pit features a large side-mounted fire pot. It’s designed to accommodate enough fuel to produce an efficient fire, producing that thin blue smoke that makes your meats so good.

As well, the left hand placement of the fire pot significantly reduces the hot spots in the corners and front and back edges in the cooker, which lets the cook use more of the cooking area. Heck yeah!

Also, the YS640s competition pellet grill comes fully equipped with the NEW Yoder Smokers ACS Control System. The system comes with two integrated food probes and a new ceramic ignition system.

The cooker’s main body and electronics are all the same, but when you add the competition cart and stainless steel prep shelves, it becomes even more versatile. This makes the smoker more maneuverable – perfect for someone competing at a different venue every weekend. The competition cart has 8″ pneumatic casters, two of which lock the cooker into place, and a set of tie-downs to keep it immobile in your trailer.


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It actually gets better

The Yoder CIMARRONs Competition Smoker


Okay, brace yourselves. Yoder really went overboard with the Cimarron Competition Smoker.

Let’s start with the basics. This is a massive, efficient, highly-durable competition smoker on wheels.

Yoder says the Cimarron produces a texture and color in your grilled meats unmatched by other pellet grills. The heat management system and the new ACS Adapative Control System with two integrated food probes delivers results that are akin to a wood fired offset. It’s like a pellet grill marrying an old-fashioned wood pit to create an incredible smoker, designed with world class results in mind.

The 26″ x 54″ cooking chamber features two 25″ x 26.5″ main level cooking grates. I total you’ll get 1,325 square cooking inches, while the slide out second level shelf adds another 898 square cooking inches.

The Cimarron was designed to easily cook an entire barbecue competition. You’ll get the room you need to move food around as necessary and allow heat and smoke to envelop meat giving you better bark and flavor. This fully featured unit includes a 40 pound hopper with pellet dump feature. The pellet dump allows for changing over pellets flavors or the ability to dump for those long trips!


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