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The perfect afternoon of yoga and BBQ

yoga and BBQ

What’s a more unlikely pair than yoga and BBQ? Yet one Saturday in the summer, that’s exactly what happened with our friends over at BBQ Quebec at its store located in the Jean Talon market area of Montreal, Quebec. Yoga and veggie BBQ? Why not!

Having practiced yoga passionately for nine years and being an experienced BBQ fan, I came out of my meditative state. I turned off the grill and traveled the 250 km between Quebec City and Montreal to unite my two greatest passions! Having the chance to wear yoga pants while eating BBQ with other gourmet yogis is definitely my definition of happiness!

As soon as we arrived there, we were greeted by the BBQ Québec team. Ambient music and the smell of coal and sun were in the air. Forty people were gathered for this unique and innovative event. An ideal gift for Mother’s Day, moms were accompanied by their children, young and old!


Andréanne leads our yoga class


That’s when the always-bubbly Andréanne from Namazé studio, led a flow yoga session. A flow accessible to all; from the curious accompanist to the experienced yogi. It was an energizing and relaxing yoga session. A moment to calm the tumults of the mind and take care of his body. Amid the turbulent, incessant movement of the city, I abandoned myself to yoga and turn my gaze inward, calm and soothed. Soon after, towards the end of the session, Andréanne invited us to join together and feel the moment. After that, we joined hand-in-hand and appreciated the power of shared practice, gratefully acknowledging what was happening.

As a result, we were invited to celebrate around a vegetarian BBQ. The BBQ Québec team served us with freshly made Margherita pizzas and peach kebabs, roasted Halloumi chocolate bread and cheese topped with caramel sauce. A pure delight!


Time for delicious veggies on the grill


The reality with Veggie BBQ is that it is an infinite world of possibilities, all as exciting as each other! Well-gilded fish, marinated tofu skewers, vegetarian burgers made from legumes or lentils, grilled vegetable salads, sandwiches, warm and smooth cheeses, sandwiches, nachos, fruity desserts. Therefore the vegetarian BBQ has no limits other than your imagination!

For me, whether it’s around a BBQ or in a yoga session, the result is the same. I am in full awareness, well anchored in the present moment and I forget the worries of everyday life. Naturally when I have the chance to do both at the same time, it’s even better!

Namaste to everyone at the event who demonstrated that vegetarian BBQ is not only possible, but totally compatible and delicious!

Namaste to Andréanne for guiding the yoga session!

And finally, Namaste to all who were there to share this wonderful experience with me!

Check out photos from the event here!

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