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The incredible BBQ story

BBQ history

Let’s take a stroll down BBQ history lane. Millions of years ago, the Australopithecus was feeding mostly on herbs, plants, insects and raw critters. They had a small brain and big jaws that they didn’t use much. 


Over the following two million years, they evolved in Homo Habilis, which ate more meat (still raw) and smaller animals cooked by forest fire or thunder. Their brain started developing, thanks to the amount of protein available in sources like meat. 


It took another million years for the human to learn how to handle fire. It’s all part of the story of BBQ history. 


The technique: look for thunder or volcanoes to find the flame and then maintain it. This technique has been used for up to 100,000 years. At this moment, humans learned how to start and stop a fire. He then started traveling and discovering culinary novelties and how to mix them. 


Since then, humans started to gather around a fire to eat their meal. In groups, they started to socialize and develop a certain mean of communication, the language. The key words: “Medium? Rare?”


Humans, eating more and more meat, started establishing villages, cultivating the fields and raised animals to the best quality and sustainability. Long story short, it was the beginning of society as we know it. 


A lot of technologies have been invented over the last 100,000 years, like the oven, the microwave oven, sous-vide machine, etc.


And after all those years, when we want to eat good food, we gather around a BBQ or a fireplace, ideally with sports and a good-looking partner. Evolution stops now, so let’s enjoy the moment. 


You see, eventualy you’ll notice that people eating a lot of BBQ are more intelligent than others.


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