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The iGrill 2 bluetooth thermometer: The perfect temperature every time

iGrill 2

There are several accessories that I consider essential for the BBQ, whether it’s my grill daddy, my salt block or a good injection syringe. But I must say that a good thermometer stands at the top of the list. And I think it’s time we acknowledge how amazing the iGrill 2 really is. 


Some will say “I don’t need a thermometer, I go with the finger test”. But how can I say this lightly… no. 


What could be better than perfect cooking and a good thermometer to achieve precision? Nothing! However, there are several models on the market. Which one should you choose? 


My choice is easily the Igrill 2, which changed my way of doing bbq forever.


Connect to your phone


First, there are two main types of thermometers. 


There are probe thermometers, which are actually probes connected to a terminal, and those of the “instant reading” type. 


The Igrill 2 is classified as a probe. 


There are a few distinguishing features this probe has that separates it from the competition. First, you can actually use four probes at the same time. Second, the Igrill 2 connects to your phone via Bluetooth, yes yes your phone. I got mine about a year and a half ago, when it was -25°C outside. 


Back at home, faithful to my habits, I started my bbq early to try my new thermometer. 


So I installed a probe on my grid to know the ambient temperature of my bbq and one in my meat piece. I opened the application to program a temperature range between 225°F and 275°F and choose a temperature of 203°F for my piece of meat. 


About four hours later I got a notification on my phone that I was outside the selected temperature range. I go outside, make some adjustments while braving the cold and go back inside. Another 3-4 hours pass and the application tells me that my food is ready in 10 degrees. 


Poor beer


It was then that my beer on the table realized that it was no longer my best friend. It had just been replaced by the Igrill 2. I was consoling the beer when I received another notification from the iGrill. My target temperature had been reached. 


From that moment on it was clear: my way of doing bbq would never be the same again.


The Igrill 2 was created and sold by another company before Weber, renowned for its durability and quality products in the bbq world, acquired it. The iGrill 2 is extremely accurate and stable. And its smartphone is reliable and easy to use.


For everything


Many people have told me that they never know the internal temperatures of meat. No problem, becayse iGrill 2 thought of it! Whether its beef, poultry, pork, lamb or fish, everything is there. You just have to select your desired cooking and launch your application. 


The thermometer is digitally read and it is possible to follow the evolution of your cooking via a page of graphs on the application. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, the Igrill 2 will take your cooking results to a whole new level. It’s going so well that you’ll feel like you’re cheating, but don’t worry, you’re still doing bbq, but better.


I’ve had the chance to try several different thermometer models and nothing beats my Igrill 2. I love its precision, ease of use and application. It works equally well with iOS and Android and automatically reconnects once synchronized with your device. Its 150 foot range means I don’t have to open my lid constantly to check my cooking condition, because “when you look, you don’t cook”. 

Getting an Igrill 2 means you’ll instantly increase your experience on the grill, whether that means longer time commitment cooking or quick grilling.


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