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The House of BBQ Experts’ new sweet sauce

Warning: if you like apples, you might find what I’m about to say incredible. 👀


As my brother, JP, is the “flavor magician” behind all of our dry marinades and sauces, he is always looking for new flavor combinations. Not long ago, he had an idea.


He reminded himself that with pork, apple pieces are always good and that, every year, there are lots of people who go apple picking with their loved ones/families. Based on that, creating an apple sauce started to make more and more sense to him. And… that’s just what he did. 😉


We’re proud to announce the latest newcomer in our sauce collection: the House of BBQ Experts’ Sweet Apple sauce! 🤩


Why create an apple sauce?

Many things influenced JP to make one.


First, pork and apples go hand in hand. Even in competitions, it scores high. It’s a no-brainer, everybody likes apples.


Creating an apple sauce, however, isn’t easy, because an apple’s true taste, at the exception of its sweetness, is pretty subtle. Lots of research was necessary.


JP started thinking of other winning combinations. “What else goes well with apples AND pork? Hmmm… 🤔” Maple syrup, of course! (And according to my calculations, nobody ever complained about adding maple syrup anywhere. 😉) So, to succeed in his challenge, all he had to do was to elevate the apple’s sweet taste.


Another reason why he wanted to invent this new sauce was because he was looking to add a new “super sweet” sauce to our collection. We have many “spicy” ones, but sweet ones, like Sweet Dream… not really.


And so, he got started.


What does Sweet Apple taste like?

Short answer: New York (it has a “big [read ‘strong’] apple” taste). 😜 Long answer: it has a pronounced apple taste that mixes in with a hint of rum, a kick of maple syrup, and a flavorful spice mix. It is very well balanced.


If I had to explain it differently, picture yourself eating a nice slice of apple pie. That’s pretty much the taste you’d get. It’ll leave you with a feeling of freshness in your mouth.


The best pairings

In order to fully appreciate this sauce, it is best to pair it with pork (ribs or chops), chicken (any part) or tofu. If you feel like trying something a bit more “wild”, it can also taste great on top of a melting brie or in a burger. 👌


How to use it

JP produced this sauce so that it can be basted onto meats at the end of the cooking session (ideally, 5 minutes before the end of it, as it is not very liquid) or served as a cold or hot dip. If you do use it as a baste, you’ll see, your meat will have a beautiful caramelization.


Its particularity

As you can guess by its name, this sauce is sweet (both kinds of sweet!) and tastes like apples. Hence, anyone who’s at least a bit of a sweet tooth will like it. It is smooth and adheres well to food. One sip of it and you’ll feel like you’re walking through an orchard. 🍎



Nothing’s better than trying it yourself to know if it’s a fit for you! I invite you to order some on our website and to try it with your favorite food to see if it’s a match.


I’m looking forward to knowing what you think!


Happy grilling!