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The GrillDaddy: So much more than just a grill brush

You probably saw it on TV a few years ago and thought, “Oh great, another ‘As seen on TV’ gadget”. But seriously, I’m here to tell you the GrillDaddy is the real deal. 


I thought exactly like you until April 2010. During a trip to the United States, I bought the Grill Daddy in a well-known hardware chain. So I seized the opportunity to try it, because it seemed so miraculous on television. 


I set out with my brother JP, equipped with my Grill Daddy Pro and D-size batteries. I saw how big the handle was and I thought that’s where the batteries must go. When I opened the cap of the brush, I quickly realized that the batteries were useless for this product and that it was impossible to slide them inside. 


That was my first mistake!


Always read the instruction manual carefully!



Like any good guy, I turned to the instruction manual and looked carefully at the few photos. I realized that just water and gravity make the work with the brush. So we had four days left before we could go home and finally try it.


The first thing I had to do when I got home was to try this incredible BBQ brush. Once I put the hot water in the handle and the grills of my very dirty BBQ, I felt ready. That was my second mistake!


Yes, it was better than a normal brush because of the hot water. But the guy on TV seemed much more convinced than I was when he used it. There had to be a problem. 


I checked out the instruction manual again, but this time actually reading it. 12 words later, I finally understood that it’s the steam that makes my BBQ grills look like new again. When the water (hot, warm or cold) contacts the hot grills, it creates the steam. So in an Einstein move I finally realized I had to light up my BBQ. Finally, with my hot BBQ and my Grill Daddy filled with water, the real test could take place.


I was totally convinced after scrubbing my grids two times over. My grids (formerly black and covered with the carbon from the steaks I cooked 1 week, 1 month, 1 year ago…) were back to their original state. It was the start of the great Grill Daddy adventure! I absolutely had to get my hands on these brushes for all my customers who needed to keep their BBQ clean and healthy. 


Find the supplier



The only problem when you call “As seen on TV” to get a supplier’s contact information? They’re not really interested in sharing it with you.


Where was this secret place where they make best BBQ brushes? I had to find it for myself.


Six months later I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and finally met the people at Grill Daddy. I was at a hardware buying show with my brother. There we made our first order of 120 Grill Daddy Pro brushes, 6 Grand Grill Daddy Platinum brushes and a dozen regular brushes. I was excited. I was going to change the world and save people… from more dirt accumulation and more brush bristles coming off. 


One week after their arrival in store, we didn’t have any brushes left! It was panic, and everyone wanted Grill Daddy brushes. Word of mouth did most of the work for us. One client’s brother-in-law and another’s mother had seen the result and everyone was eager to come and get this rare pearl.


A GrillDaddy for everyone


Eight years later, hundreds of thousands of Canadians and Americans have adopted the Grill Daddy. Whether it’s the original Grill Daddy, the Grill Daddy Pro or the Grand Grill Daddy Platinum, there’s a GrillDaddy for everyone. 


Your grids will become like new again in seconds when steam dissolves all that residue off the industry’s stiffest grids. Moreover, it’s nearly impossible for the strong bristles to fall off. As the bristles always brush residues already softened by steam, they come up against little restriction, which makes it possible to use the same brush over several seasons without any problem. In addition, the blocks where the bristles are inserted are interchangeable with the Grill Daddy Replacement Brush (or the Grill Daddy Pro Replacement Brush). This makes the brush even more durable and economical. 


With your GrillDaddy, we guarantee satisfaction! No more dirt, no more steel bristles on your burgers and no more brushes to change after two weeks. 


So if you want a safe, effective, ecological and economical brush, the Grill Daddy will meet your needs! 


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