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The famous Himalayan salt block


Looking for a new way to cook and serve your favorite dishes? The Himalayan salt block can be used to cook and serve your favorite food.


There are lots of ways to use it, just use your imagination!


The Himalayan salt block is extracted from the deepest part of the ancient Himalayan mountains, in Pakistan. They’ve been out of reach of pollution and impurities from the last centuries, and that’s why people consider this salt as the cleanest and purest in the world. The salt is extracted from giant rock and then cut in blocs, slabs or bricks. 


Himalayan salt has also natural benefit, since it’s pure salt, with no chemicals and additives.  It contains less sodium than ordinary salt; it also helps to :


-lower blood pressure,

-Improves blood circulation

-Improves cardiovascular health



The Himalayan salt block allows you to make an interesting combination of food and it can be used hot or cold. 

The salt himalayan block will be your seafood’s best friend, but can also be used for salmon, foie gras, or even with cheeses!


To use the Himalayan salt block to cook; you’ll need to warm it up in order to sear meat, fish, cheeses (such as brie or camembert) , seafood and other food that can be cooked fast. 

(Make sure to put the Himalayan salt block and then light up your BBQ!)


The block can also be used cold, to serve sushi, appetizers, meat/delicatessen and cheeses, fresh fruits and veggies and even desserts.


When heated, you may also use the Himalayan salt block to do raclette!


The Himalayan salt block will last from 50 to 150 uses.  If you use it for foie gras every day, you may go through the salt within 50 uses, but let’s say for a 2 inches block with regular cooking, it may last longer and you shall use it for approximately 150 times.


To ease the transport of the salt block and reduce stress while manipulating it, the board rack can also be a good idea.  Some of the rack sold on the market can usually go directly on the grill.


To keep it clean, use a scraper with a brush that allows you to clean it after each use. 


There are lots of ways to use it, just use your imagination!