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The best BBQ accessories for your football party! 🏈

With the Conference Championships coming up this Sunday, we know lots of you will be throwing your big football party! Whether you’re making wings, ribs, burgers or anything else, we want to show you a few must-have accessories.

We know these accessories will be as tough as Derrick Henry’s run game and as agile as Tyreek Hill on a deep pattern! Okay, okay, if you don’t get all the football references, we’ll make it simple: you won’t be disappointed with these accessories.

football party

The Basting Brush

The Basting Brush is extremely handy if you’re making wings or ribs. Its long black stainless steel handle allows you to reach foods on the grill from a comfortable distance, while the oversized silicone bristles hold the sauce well.

The silicone brush head is also detachable, easy to clean and is heat resistant up to 550°F. Its convenient hanging loop lets you hang it within easy reach as well.

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football party

The Stuffer

The Stuffer may be our coolest invention ever. It allows you to make magnificent burger creations, stuffing the burger will all kinds of different things. Our suggestion? Cheese curds for the Packers game, of course!

As well, The Stuffer lets BBQers stuff 3/4 lb burgers with creative flavors, fillings and ingredients. Get in touch with your creative side and try it with grated cheese, bacon, grilled onions, mushrooms or even macaroni and cheese!

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The All-in-1

The All-in-1 is possibly the greatest BBQ accessory that ever was, and it comes in two sizes: for a 22 inch or a 26 inch kettle grill. Want to make a grill-fired pizza? Want a tandoori oven? How about a rotisserie oven? With the All-in-1 durable stainless steel ring, you can do all of that!

It’s made completely made of Stainless 304, made in Canada and it’s the winner of VESTA award for best bbq accessories 2019.

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